About Us

Established in 2009 by the 5 original Khans Shao, Ong, Deman, Xu and Ru. Khan Gamers is a place for all lovers of art, gaming, anime and history! All gamers who need a place to find common fellowship, hobby support and interest. We are looking to bring gamers here who love gaming, meeting people across the nation or the world. Our aim is to remain Khannected and create communities within gaming worlds and empower our brand through number. Our goal is to be the largest digital army in the world by 2025! We look to put power back in the keyboard, controller and hands of the gamer!.We will Khantinue to develop our community into a safe haven for fellowship, commerce, gaming promotion, and social activity encouragement. We look forward to promoting gaming, healthy living and a supportive community for our gamers. Whether you need a new friend to game with or a person to talk to this is what Khan Gamers is about!

“Shall we allow our audacious enemies to violate with impunity the territory of the Republic? Will you permit the army to escape which has carried terror into your families? You will not. March, then, to meet him. Tear from his brows the laurels he has won. Teach the world that a malediction attends those that violate the territory of the Great People. The result of our efforts will be unclouded glory, and a durable peace.” Napoleon Bonaparte