Alliance Khan

Khan Logo Design

The Khan Gamers community here in Conquerors Blade has been playing since season 1. Promoting a 3 house system and maintaining a heavily active community promoting the gameplay and population growth.

KhanQuest: Not a feeder house but a bleeder house for the alliance Khan. Hive mentality, better communal results!

MYST: You just want to play the game and have a good time? Join MYST. Non-toxic people that can help you improve.

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“Shall we allow our audacious enemies to violate with impunity the territory of the Republic? Will you permit the army to escape which has carried terror into your families? You will not. March, then, to meet him. Tear from his brows the laurels he has won. Teach the world that a malediction attends those that violate the territory of the Great People. The result of our efforts will be unclouded glory, and a durable peace.” Napoleon Bonaparte