We are recruiting for our Clash of Clans intiative!


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Welcome to the realm of the mighty Khan Clan!

In our minds, our Clash Clan Khan stands unparalleled, destined for greatness. However, we acknowledge the importance of exploring other groups if we’re at maximum capacity. Should you find us full, we encourage you to venture forth and discover the potential of other Clans.

To find and join our esteemed ranks, simply tap on “Edit” in the “My Clan” tab and adjust your Clan settings accordingly. Look for the name “Khan” and our unique ID# #Pu22J9CU. Embrace the opportunity to join our Clan, where anyone with the heart of a warlord is welcome.

We hold the doors wide open, inviting all brave souls to join our Clan. Seek us out through an invite from our Leader, Co-Leaders, or Elders, or submit a request to become part of our glorious community.

Our goal is to gather 50 dedicated and active players, forging an unstoppable force in the gaming world. Together, we shall rise to the pinnacle of achievement.

War is an integral part of our Clan’s spirit, and we aspire to engage in battles twice a week. We strive for a healthy balance, allowing our members to maintain their zeal without overwhelming them. For we are the epitome of KHANSISTENCY! XD

To ensure a harmonious and cohesive Clan, we have set a minimum Town Hall level requirement. This ensures that those who join us possess the necessary experience and skills to contribute effectively. However, exceptions can be made by sending a personal invite to players who fall below the requirement.

Though our core players reside in North America, encompassing MexiKhan, Khanadian, and AmeriKhan, we warmly welcome warriors from all corners of the globe. The Khan Clan transcends borders and embraces diversity, uniting players from different cultures and backgrounds.

Our Clan chat predominantly thrives in English and Spanish, fostering a multi-lingual environment that encourages effective communication and camaraderie. Oh, and let’s not forget the occasional mention of Japanese for waifus XD.

Prepare yourself, noble warrior, for an unforgettable adventure in the realm of Khan Clan. Together, we shall rise, conquer, and bask in the glory of our collective achievements.

Join us now and become an integral part of our legendary saga!

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