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Deeply ingrained in Feng Wei’s core was the unwavering adherence to the teachings etched upon the revered God Fist scroll: “Defeat all other masters and conquer their styles; the perfect warrior transcends all to become the Dragon God.” Having already clashed with numerous masters, each representing a different martial arts style, Feng returned to the very training grounds of his youth, resolute in continuing his grueling regimen. Little did he know that destiny had a surprise in store for him, an encounter that would challenge him unlike any other.

One fateful day, an enigmatic figure of immense strength materialized before Feng, his aura radiating an undeniable power. Without uttering a word, the stranger conveyed his intention: to engage in a formidable battle. Feng found himself with no valid reason to decline.

Accepting the challenge with unwavering resolve, Feng steeled himself for the impending clash, prepared to test the limits of his martial prowess once again.


Feng Wei’s journey into the realm of martial arts began in his youth under the tutelage of Master Shin-Ken, training diligently in the art of Chinese Kenpo. Swiftly rising through the ranks, Feng’s insatiable hunger for power led him to partake in forbidden competitions, defying the sanctity of his family’s martial arts tradition. This transgression reached its climax when he ultimately committed the unforgivable act of slaying his own master, Shin-Ken, who admonished him for venturing beyond the confines of the dojo.

Driven by an unyielding desire to prove his superiority and complete his martial arts repertoire, Feng Wei sets his sights on the illustrious King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Through sheer determination and skill, he emerges victorious, securing the coveted God Fist scroll from the clutches of the Mishima Zaibatsu. Yet, the scroll’s cryptic inscription unveils a profound revelation – the existence of an unparalleled style, the “destroyer of all styles,” transcending mortal limitations and rivaling the power of the Dragon God.

Dumbfounded yet hungry for answers, Feng Wei learns of the impending King of Iron Fist Tournament 6, an opportunity to delve deeper into the enigma surrounding his newfound knowledge. With his gaze firmly fixed upon Japan, he embarks on a quest for enlightenment, seeking the truth that awaits him within the tournament’s unforgiving battlegrounds.

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