Conquerors Blade Season 10 Recap: Khan


The Khans started season 10 off by reviving their house Khanquest and recruiting a 3rd house Myst into the Frey. As borderlands was one of two starting point this season. The alliance decided to start the season there.  Our alliance defeated many who stood against us. We enjoyed week after week of successful defenses of our holds. We maintained a steady and steadfast alliance with The High Council (THC). Our economic exploits were reaching bounds we were unfamiliar. Things were off to the best of times. As Myst left the alliance to pursue fights in another region. We created us a 3rd house called Khantra for new and casual players who ended up being decisive in our will to survive and thrive.  Our alliance flourished and experienced a plethora of tranquility and growth unlike the last previous seasons. The last 2 weeks of the season  campaign however we saw our diplomacy fall apart making friends foes and a familiar enemy move in on our lands. We fought to the very last and stood our ground. Yet in the end we were only able to survive the chaos with 2 village holds.  The alliance remains stead fastand now during peace time we train, prepare and plan for season 11. We  rally for the wars of revenge to come. Let their be land, coin and most of all blood.     

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