Conquerors Blade: Monthly Payouts and Raffles $$


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We hope you have enjoyed the holidays! We have long been waiting to create a plan to give back to our Khanmunities! As the new year approaches we will announce titles promoted here in our community here at KG. First one to make the list! Conquerors Blade! Now all of our members can take the title of Professional!

Conquers Blade Group: House Khan and its 100 registered gamers will be receiving 1$ per month stipend starting 2021  for their productive play time. They will be also up for an automatic Cash raffle per month paid out to at least one lucky member or several depending on the event. Raffles for this group will be no less than 100$ minimum. We have chosen this title first as it has brought an unprecedented amount of value to this community and is very much enjoyed here! Congratulations to the Conquerors Blade Community: House Khan. Community subscription/raffle payouts are 1/31/21 via: CashApp/Paypal: Only

(Payments by: Khan Gamers LLC (Requirements: 1.) Must be registered 2) Conquerors Blade 3.) On the 100 player: Roster for House Khan/NA:East (Eagles Range) 4.) Earn house 40 prestige weekly 5.) Have a Paypal/Cashapp account.)

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