Conquerors Blade Latest TW: 8/1/20


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This last Tuesdays 8/1/20 Maoyang United against a great threat the CrimsonBlades. Khans rallied over 40 fighters to push back an offensive portion of the great alliance Crimson Blades. The organized group of CrimsonBlades brought a very organized front and managed to keep a foothold in East Maoyang against  2 alliances and helpful cohorts. Greatest battle for the Vanguard was Khans attack on Hexi, Changqian, and Munbei the center fort on the map. The battle was was lead by IceShadow, Sangme and RuKhan of the Khan house. Although the fort wasn’t able to fall into allied hands they were able to hold up a powerful opposition force. Khanquistador lead by Slaser and Jaxxia maintained a rear position thwarting any enemy assaults. They also succeeded in capturing Tuhum, Kumul and Zangcheng for its house and Alliance. MuddaFawKhan came to the fray lead by DemanKhan and IamKhan capturing Baizeng effectively putting every house in the alliance on the map. Our allies in the FireNation made this possible with major offensive coordination and planning. We owe them a lot and thank all else who supported us in surviving this merciless onslaught on our homeland of Maoyang. This war will be one to remember as morale was low in the community. With this renewed advantage the Khans will seek to capitalize on the momentum.

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