CB Season X: Khans 1st Kurultai Dueling Tournament hosted by LegalE.



Description: Calling All Khans. The time has come to leave your holds and journey to our Headquarters for a main event like no other! Our first dueling tournament. Come on down and bring those skills that leave your name feared on the battle field. Great opportunity to bond with the Alliance/House and get in on some of the fun outside of normal CB gameplay! Let the best Khan win. There can only be One. Steam: Hosted By: LegalE Tournament hosted by: LegalE and

  • Rules
  • All contestants will be fighting a best of 3
  • You can only use 1 weapon for the whole dueling tournament
  • The duelists stand apart at the start so that they can’t reach each other
  • The Judge registers the win/draw/lose on the website
  • Bandaging is NOT allowed
  • Register :
  • Time 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT 2/12/22 


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